Snacking: Why It's Good and How to Do It

One of the best ways to keep good health is to snack between breakfast and lunch and lunch and dinner. Most people living the standard stagnant lifestyle need to snack to keep their blood sugar up and keep their metabolism elevated. We see more people living with hypoglycemia than ever before. This is a physiological state where one’s blood sugar swings up and down, causing you to feel shaky, moody, tired, achy, sleepy, unmotivated, unproductive, and to have headaches. We recommend that every patient that comes in should snack between meals. We do this because a huge key to your wellbeing is keeping a stable and steady blood sugar level. Snacks are an important key to your success.

Beware of snacks that claim to be healthy

Get rid of the concept that snack foods are sugar foods.Have you ever wished eating your favorite snack food like Cheetos would be good for you? According to some snack food companies, that time is now. I disagree.
One food manufacturer claims it wants to help consumers find a “little shortcut to a healthier life.” Another snack maker introduced 100 Calorie Packs of its most popular snacks, such as Chips Ahoy! to help consumers count their calorie intake. By 2004, after the new labeling system was implemented, over 100 unhealthy foods were labeled as smart choices.

This is not the concept I am promoting to you and your family. I fear the labels will encourage people to purchase food they should not eat. Many of the so-called smart foods may be better than their predecessors, but still are not healthy choices.
Company officials argue that the stickers will make it easy to find better choices in a given category.

Some say big name companies are introducing these food campaigns to offer alternatives. Critics say they are simply trying to combat the increasing awareness and concern for obesity in the United States.

What is a snack?

Is it cookies, cakes, M&M’s, sodas? These, regardless of their calorie counts, are not going to promote health. Here’s how to snack properly and healthily:

  • Get rid of the concept that snack foods are sugar foods.
  • Know that a snack is a small, quick version of a meal in between your breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals.
  • Eat every 2-3 hours.
  • Snack on almonds, walnuts, pecans, and seeds.
  • Utilize nut butters, carrots, celery, and apples.
  • Utilize the snack options we have at the office, like Go Raw foods, artisana organic butters, organic food bars, dynamic greens, and our shake products.