The Sugar Challenge That Will Change Your Life

Take the Sugar Challenge! and Build Your Health

The Sugar Challenge is a 7 day to three week “test run” to see how much better you might feel after getting off all forms of refined carbohydrates and sugars. Breaking the sugar habit may not be easy, but it is worthwhile. Sugar and refined carbs leach vitamins and minerals out of your body. You need to get off the sugar then build back your stores of those lost nutritional essentials.
Step One – What condition are you in now?
Before we embark on The Sugar Challenge you will fill out a Symptom Survey Form and we will perform a nutritional deficiency screening evaluation. This will become our baseline. We could also run blood work as you can see as much as a 100-200 point swing in triglycerides, a wonderful reduction of cholesterol, blood pressure regulate itself and energy you haven’t had in ages.
Step Two – Eat whole foods and whole food supplements for 7-21 days. A simple lifestyle of whole foods is not impossible. We highly recommend you include some important HealthBuilding nutrients to help you “come down” off of sugar and carbohydrates. Remember if sugar was introduced into our society today it would be a controlled substance.
Step Three – Reevaluate
After The Sugar Challenge we will repeat Step One to determine any short-term response. Some people feel better and better each day and would never go back to their old refined food lifestyle. Some people whose health deficiencies have grown deeper may have a more difficult time during the Sugar Challenge and will need additional support. This is an obvious sign of addiction and dependency. Just like a drug we have to build you up so you can overcome this addiction.

Q: What foods should I eat during The SugarChallenge?
A: Eat whole foods. No processed foods. Eat salads, lightly steamed vegetables, freshly made soups such as lentil or bean soup, small amounts of high quality protein in smaller meals throughout the day. Enjoy butter or high quality oil on your veggies to help you assimilate your nutrients.
Q: Which whole food concentrates would help me with The Sugar Challenge?
A: Catalyn, Diaplex, Cataplex B, Drenamin and possibly other whole food concentrates, depending on your particular condition.
Catalyn –Since 1929 this whole food concentrate has been helping people suffering nutritional deficiency. Catalyn has many whole food concentrates in one product, providing you a more complete nutritional Multi-vitamin
Diaplex – Since 1959 Diaplex has combined the benefits of digestive enzymes along with stomach, liver, pancreas PMG and kidney Health Building factors. This combination product is excellent in addressing blood sugar handling imbalances.
Cataplex B – Since 1934 this whole food source of the B complex of vitamins and their synergists has provided essentials to everyone but has been found especially important for blood sugar handling heath concerns. Cataplex B increases nerve motor conductivity, vasoconstriction, carbohydrate metabolism, oxidation of lactic and pyruvic acids.
Drenamin – Since 1935 Drenamin’s special combination of Cataplex C, Cataplex G and adrenal PMGs has been formulated to help support nutritional conditions leading to fatigue, chronic fatigue, hypoglycemia, lowered resistance, allergies, and stress.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. They are to support your health