The Power Of Water

At this point, you’ve probably heard over and over that water is extremely important, and it’s absolutely true. It’s extremely important that you understand how wonderfully healing water is, why it’s at the bottom of our food pyramid, and why Dr. Faridum Batmanghelidj, author of the renowned book “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water,” has recognized that the cause of many chronic diseases lies in the dehydration of the body. His prime message was, “You are not sick, you are thirsty.” We are going to share with you the many benefits water has on your body, but first you need to understand more of why water contains so many vital healing properties.

Water journeys through the earth and absorbs all electromagnetic vibrations that are present on our planet. Water is the “blood of our planet,” as the renowned Austrian Scientist Viktor Schauberger put it. Just as Earth has north and south poles, every water molecule has north and south poles as well. The atmosphere of Earth corresponds to the electromagnetic field of the individual water molecule. Our Earth’s atmosphere vibrates at 7.83 hertz, which is called the Schuhmann Resonance Water replenishes what your body is missing.Frequency. (As a quick aside, every time you put your feet in the EB Pro foot bath machine, you are getting these Schuhmann frequencies reset in your body. An added bonus you didn’t know you were getting!) Water absorbs this frequency pattern on its journey through the earth. Our body, in return, has the same frequency pattern as the water molecule. Our brain waves have a frequency of 8-10 hertz. Water connects us to the earth’s frequency. This also means that we can replenish what our body is missing when we are ill with water. Water can balance the energy deficit that causes the illness. That’s why we are told to drink plenty of liquids – but really we should only drink pure spring water or filtered water from a high energy filtering system. You get what you pay for with filtering water, so buy a good filtering system for your drinking water. Or even use a home filtering system so the water that you are bathing in is cleaner. Remember, your skin is a giant organ, and chlorine, bromine, and other contaminants in the water are being absorbed through your scalp and skin at faster speeds than you realize.

Water filters we recommend

The Big Berkey Water Machine is the filter we promote most, as it’s effective and affordable. Pelican Water Systems offer great products as well – they even offer shower water filters and more.