The Intestinal Barrier

What’s the Big Deal About Intestines?

The lining of your intestines is the part of your body that absorbs nutrients from the food you eat; those nutrients, in turn, affect the internal environment of your body as well as your overall health. The more nutrient absorption that takes place, the better off you are. However, the wrong diet can affect the way the lining of your intestines takes in these nutrients.

The Intestinal Barrier

An illustration of the lining of the small intestine.

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The lining of your intestines, also called the gastrointestinal mucosa, is integral to making sure that the rest of your body receives the vitamins and minerals from the food you eat. The folds of the lining are made up of villi, which are composed of epithelial cells; these cells contain millions upon millions of microscopic microvilli. In a healthy intestine, the muscles constrict smoothly, allowing the microvilli to ‘wave’ and collect nutrients across their entire surface area. This means more energy and vitality. A poor diet can cause the gastric muscles to lose tone and also causes the cells that make up the gastrointestinal mucosa to tighten, which means that the microvilli are constricted. In turn, that means less nutrient absorption, and therefore low energy.

A Nutritional Program That’s Right For You

A nutritious diet and healthy lifestyle are important components for proper gastrointestinal function. What you eat plays a role in the function of the lining of your intestines as well as the microbial environment, and physical activity, sleep patterns, and stress level all have an influence on the muscles that contract your intestines to keep things moving along smoothly. In addition, dietary supplements can also positively impact your gastrointestinal health.*

RepairVite™ Supplements

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  • RepairVite™ supplements could help support your intestinal health.*The formula includes marshmallow, licorice, glutamine (a primary source of amino acids beneficial to the intestine’s epithelial cells), and phytoextracts, all of which which may support the intestinal mucosa.*
  • It’s also made with key flavonoids and plant sterols, which may support the overall digestive system.*
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RepairVite™ also offers other supplements such as bacterial probiotics and natural compounds that can enhance the effects of the enzyme supplement and improve intestinal terrain.*

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