Take The Sugar Challenge

“Glucose (alias Corn Syrup, Fruit Sugar, Dextrose, Corn Sugar, High Fructose Corn Syrup) … contributes to the cause of diabetes, a predisposition to heart disease, hypertension, sluggishness, brain fatigue, overweight, irritability, mental depression, impairs the assimilation of calcium, and destroys vital amino acids if they are cooked in its presence.” Dr. Royal Lee 1958

Take The Sugar Challenge
Refined sugars are not a nutritional essential. In fact refined sugar, and its “cousin” white flour, are primary causes of the leaching of healthful nutrients from our bodies – while at the same time leading to many unfavorable conditions such as those mentioned above by Dr. Royal Lee over 50 years ago.
Sugar’s empty calories create changes in body chemistry and accompanying nutritional deficiency, bringing on discomfort, degeneration, disease and death at a greater rate than any of the wars this country has ever seen.
Yet every man, woman and child in America consumes an estimated 180 pounds of sweeteners per year. This incredible amount of sugar does not take into account the nutritionally empty carbohydrates from cookies, crackers, breads and so called “fruit drinks.” Some studies estimate that Americans eat an additional 150-250 pounds of refined carbohydrates, bringing the total to nearly 400 pounds consumed per year. What does the consumption of empty carbs and low quality foods lead to?

The Center for Disease Control reports:
65% of Americans are considered overweight and 30% obese
7% have diabetes
11% have heart disease
31% have hypertension
21% have arthritis

40 million office visits are made to doctors for mental health per year (2002)

Additionally, the leading causes of death in America (2001) are linked to states of overweight and obesity and each of these killers could be turned around with a simple change in diet to the Nutritional Essentials.

They are:
Heart Disease: 696,947
Stroke: 162,672
Diabetes: 73,249

Take the Sugar Challenge! and Build Your Health