House Protects Pizza as a Vegetable

By Lisa Baertlein and Charles Abbott

(Reuters) – The House of Representatives dealt a blow to childhood obesity warriors on Thursday by passing a bill that abandons proposals that threatened to end the reign of pizza and French fries on federally funded school lunch menus.

The scuttled changes, which would have stripped pizza’s status as a vegetable and limited how often French fries could be served, stemmed from a 2010 child nutrition law calling on schools to improve the nutritional quality of lunches served to almost 32 million U.S. school children.

The action is a win for the makers of frozen French fries and pizza and comes just weeks after the deep-pocketed food, beverage and restaurant industries successfully weakened government proposals for voluntary food marketing guidelines to children.

“It’s an important victory,” said Corey Henry, spokesman for the American Frozen Food Institute (AFFI). That trade association lobbied Congress on behalf of frozen pizza sellers like ConAgra Foods Inc and Schwan Food Co and French fry makers McCain Foods Ltd and J.R. Simplot Co, the latter best known as a supplier to fast-food company McDonald’s Corp.

“Our concern is that the standards would force companies in many respects to change their products in a way that would make them unpalatable to students,” Henry said.

Other AFFI members include H.J. Heinz Co, General Mills Inc and Kraft Foods Inc.

The school lunch provisions were a small part of a mammoth bill that provides money for all parts of the federal government. The House sent the bill to the Senate for final Congressional approval.

“They started out with French fries and now they have moved on to pizza,” said Jared Polis, Colorado Democrat, who lamented the government’s subsidy of unhealthy diets through school meals. “Pizza alone (without side dishes) … common sense, it’s not a vegetable.”

Calls to Minnesota-based Schwan and its external public relations firm and ConAgra were not returned.

Mark Dunn, AFFI’s chairman and J.R. Simplot’s main lobbyist, referred requests for comment to a company spokesman, who declined to respond.


Polis mentioned French fries in reference to a provision in the bill that would have blocked the government from limiting servings of white potatoes to one cup per week in meals served through the roughly $18 billion U.S. school meals program overseen by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

In addition to potatoes, USDA also proposed limits on starchy vegetables including corn, green peas and lima beans, while requiring lunches to serve a wider variety of fruit and vegetables.

Another provision bars the USDA from changing the way it credits tomato paste, used in pizza. The change would have required pizza to have at least a half-cup of tomato paste to qualify as a vegetable serving. Current rules, which likely will remain in place, require just two tablespoons of tomato paste.

According to a USDA report from November 2007, pizza and French fries were among the most commonly consumed lunch foods by participants in the national school lunch program.

Sam Farr of California, the Democratic leader on the appropriations subcommittee in charge of the USDA, said the interference with USDA rule-writing was “wrong” and “shouldn’t be done”. Still, Farr supported passage of the overall bill.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said on Wednesday that U.S. school children would still see more fruit and vegetables, more grains, more low-fat milk and less salt and fat in meals despite the language in the spending bill.

“First of all, we can assure parents of school-age children (that) USDA will do everything it can” to improve the nutritional quality of school meals, as required by the 2010 child nutrition law.

Vilsack was speaking via teleconference from Hanoi during a U.S. trade trip.

Healthier school lunches are a cornerstone of First Lady Michelle Obama’s campaign to end childhood obesity. Nearly one in three children in America is overweight or obese and the numbers are growing.

“Clearly more pizza and French fries in schools is not good for kids, but it’s good for companies that make pizza and French fries,” said Margo Wootan, nutrition policy director at the Center for Science in the Public Interest, a consumer group that advocates better food and nutrition policies.

Wootan said U.S. food makers trumpet products they say are healthy while at the same time lobbying against regulations aimed at improving the nutritional quality of their products.

“A year ago, I was walking the halls of Congress arm-in-arm with the food industry, fighting for healthier school lunches,” Wootan said. “Today, we are on opposite sides, and I’m battling to keep them from weakening school nutrition standards and school marketing guidelines and other provisions.”

(Editing by Martinne Geller)

“Why is it I get every “bug” that comes along and some people don’t seem to ever get colds or flu?”

What Challenges Your Immune System?
“Why is it I get every “bug” that comes along and some people don’t seem to ever get colds or flu?”

You Need to Know this…

There are fundamental reasons why one person stays well and another person does not. A strong immune system is one answer. For many people, cold and flu season never comes. For those same people, allergy season does not come either, because they have a strong immune system to handle those challenges. This issue of The Nutritional Essentials will give you some strategies that you can use to improve your immune system and the immune systems of all of your family members. First, let’s understand the challenges your immune systems face.

What Challenges Your Immune System?

Everything that is a stress on your body’s natural function can be a challenge to your immune system, such as:
Nutritional deficiencies brought on by improperly prepared foods, refined foods, transfats, and too much sugar!
Toxicity brought on by pollution, chemicals, preservatives and synthetic ingredients in food, basically all of the unnatural toxins.
Physical, structural and emotional stresses that deplete your system of nutrients and energy needed for growth and repair.

A Strong Immune System is a Whole Body Effort

The entire body works together to accomplish the important task of protecting your health. Virtually every aspect of your whole being is in some way involved with this process. Skin, digestive juices, mucous membranes, intestinal flora, and other healthy bacteria all work together with the organs of the immune system (the liver, spleen, blood and lymph) to help protect you. This is your immune system in action—a concerted effort of the parts for the whole. Similarly, immune system HealthBuilding is an action of the whole body as well.

The Best “Cure” for Disease is Health

Seems like a silly thing to say but nothing could be more true! Healthy people do not get sick often. People who are healthy sometimes are gifted with a strong genetic foundation, but more commonly, healthy people do the right things to build and maintain their health. This lifestyle allows their genes to express themselves as a whole body functioning in harmony. You can choose this lifestyle too! So that makes our job easy! Promote health and disease stays away, right? Simple as it sounds, it’s true!
In each issue of of “Dr. Chapa’s News You Need to Know” we speak about ways a person can build his or her health, and HealthBuilding is the key to the immune system strengths! It is highly likely you too can avoid the colds and flu seasons by merely supporting your health all year long. Let’s find out what you can do.

A strong immune system is a matter of choice!

HealthBuilding steps:

  1. Whole foods prepared properly so their natural goodness is available to your body
  2. Pure air and water
  3. Digestive enzymes to help the body assimilate the whole foods
  4. Healthy intestinal flora (probiotics) for proper assimilation and elimination of toxins
  5. Healthy liver functions – periodic purification programs
  6. Exercise and restful sleep
  7. Peaceful surroundings and a purpose for living

Avoiding These Common Pitfalls:

  1. Toxins in the environment (air, water, food)
  2. Refined foods
  3. Synthetic “foods”
  4. Most of us would look at this list and say, “I am not in ideal control of all of these HealthBuilding steps.” “What can I do to build my immune system?”

The best we can do nutritionally is:

  • Eat right and support the immune system with whole food concentrates known to be high in immune support qualities. The product we are featuring enhances the health of the immune system.

Build the health of your families’ immune system. Add immune support to your whole food supplement program!

  1. Immuplex© – The particular combination of whole food concentrates in Immuplex© uniquely supports the entire immune complex systems. For example this product supports the health of the:
  • Thymus gland for healthy lymphocyte production,
  • Spleen (lymphatic and blood) for antibodies,
  • Bone marrow for healthy blood formation,
  • Stomach (digestive system to destroy ingested parasites),
  • Intestinal flora (digestive) to destroy pathogenic microbes and manufacture B12.
  • Liver support for detoxification and enzyme production.
  1. Immuplex combines organic forms of vitamins A, C, and E with vitamin B12, and folic acid with minerals such as zinc, copper, chromium, iron, and selenium. Immuplex also contains bovine thymus, liver, and spleen tissue extracts – nutrients and glandular foods especially prepared to provide vital nutrients well known for their important roles in immune system health and function. †

Taking 1 – 3 Immuplex per day for during the cold and flu season could be one of the best immune support steps you could take.

Patients Speak About Immune Support

“I was one of those guys that no matter what it was that came around, I caught it. Colds, flu seem to never pass me by. Four years ago I started taking 3 Immuplex a day, I have not had a cold or flu since.” L.S.

What Did You Learn???

Digestion is the Key to Food's Power Over Your Health


You may benefit from digestive enzyme supplements!

Good health comes from good that lead to decreased enzyme production. The food, yet even the highest quality organically grown food fails in its health building qualities if the whole food goodness does not reach your body tissues. Enzymes are the key to digestion, absorption and assimilation of nutrients that Nature intends for our health and vitality.
Good digestion and assimilation of nutrients is painless, quiet. In fact, with proper digestion you should eat a meal and not even be aware that your food is digesting.
With poor digestion one feels distressed and aggravated, sometimes during and most often after the meal. More people than ever are taking medications such as “acid blockers” so they don’t feel their poor digestive processes. People often are taking antacids, laxatives and medications to treat symptoms brought on by years of poor food choices and decreased enzyme production.
Bad digestion has a cumulative effect. Over time, the absence of nutritional essentials leads to poor digestion and conditions of deficiency. See the panel to the left of this article. As you can see, dozens of conditions result from nutritional deficiencies resulting indigestion is a sign that food is not being effectively assimilated and further deficiencies are developing. It is a vicious cycle!
Assimilation of the good food we eat today is negatively affected by years of poor food choices resulting in deficiency and degenerating health. Symptoms of bad digestion are the body calling out for help.

Take HealthBuilding steps for better digestion and assimilation:
Eat properly prepared wholesome food.
We have to take the first step of eating wholesome foods in order for the remaining steps to follow. Only if we eat wholesome foods that is, foods that are rich in enzymes, coenzymes and other Health Building nutrients can the body maintain health. And only a healthy body can produce sufficient enzymes to complete the digestive and assimilative processes.
Chew food thoroughly. Yes, your mother was right. Chewing food breaks down the various components of the meal and mixes it with saliva, beginning the digestive and assimilative process.
Build healthy enzyme-secreting glands by eating good food, avoid toxins and supplement your meals with whole food concentrates which build your health.

Digestive Enzymes are a Nutritional Essential

Remember to:
√ Eat simply – Whole foods like salads, steamed vegetables, raw fruits and nuts have living enzymes which processed foods do not. Do your best to not overeat.
√ Drink fluids at the beginning of your meals, not at the end. More than a few sips of fluid during and at the end of meals tends to dilute the digestive juices and cause many cases of indigestion. (Some serious cases of indigestion are helped by simply following this advice—TRY IT!)
√ Supplement digestive enzymes with each meal to help your body get the most goodness from the food you are eating, REGARDLESS of any symptoms.
Our office uses digestive enzyme support products from Standard Process (SP). SP has prepared its products to provide enzymes for digestive support, and also to help the glands and organs of your body repair the effect of years of digestive abuse.~
Premier HCL- contains enzymes to support the digestion and absorption of proteins and enhance the health of the stomach for proper digestion. The stomach sets up the digestion for success or failure. Supplementing with enzymes like stomach HCL is an important step toward aiding your digestive functions to get started off right.
A-F Betafood – Introduced in 1951 A-F Betafood contains beet juice which is a good source of betaine. Betaine has been shown to be an effective agent to promote the transportation and use of fats, helping to enhance liver and gallbladder health. The typical American’s diet of processed foods laden with hydrogenated and partially-hydrogenated (synthetic) fats* are a constant stress to the body which makes A-F Betafood a nutritional essential for most people.

Digestive Enzymes – Cooking food is known to destroy important enzymes for digestion and assimilation. Digestive Enzymes, used by doctors since 1963 as a digestive support product contains fig, defatted almonds, pancreatin (3x), fatty acids, bromelain, lipase, cellulase, papain and amylase. All are digestive enzymes necessary for the proper breakdown and absorption of proteins, carbohydrates, sugars, and fats.~
Ask me which ones may help you!

The Ultimate Detox Program

Patients Speak

“In just 3 months I have gone from a size 18 to a size 8! Plus, in only 1 1/2 months my total cholesterol went from 203 to 168: my triglycerides dropped from 318 to 192! This is phenomenal! I have discontinued my high blood pressure, acid reflux and gout medications. I feel like a new person. At age 52, Vibrant health is truly mine . . . I would like to convey to you my most sincere gratitude for a life changing experience.” Very sincerely, M
Is this a miracle!?!

What could have made such a positive change?

This person followed one of The Nutritional Essentials principles — that is, the Purification Principle. Toxins had built up in her body to such a degree that her normal body functions were impaired. She gave her body a chance to release accumulated toxins through some simple purifying lifestyle changes, her health was restored, and now she is feeling and looking GREAT!
Do you want to restore your health? Would you like to lose some of the excess weight and nagging symptoms that plague you?
Does this sound like you? “No matter what diet plan I try, I feel worse and my weight is the same!” You may be suffering from a build up of TOXINS which are affecting your health and function. Let’s review the causes of toxic build-up and for many, the essential solution.

Toxins Cause Stress to the Body
We encounter toxins in our environment almost constantly – air pollution, water pollution and food pollution. Petrochemical toxins from industry and vehicles, water pollution from acid rain, toxic run-off from farms and factories, food pollution from pesticides, chemical fertilizers, preservatives, chemical flavorings and medications. All this contribute to toxic build-up in our tissues.
Food is supposed to help our bodies build health, but in the typical “fast-food” lifestyle, “food” wears us down. People eat too many processed foods that are riddled with contaminants, additives and damaged fats. (See Fat Fallacies) Air, water and food can all be sources of pollution causing stress on our body, and we seek symptomatic relief with medications that make us more toxic. We merely exchange our symptoms for new ones, called “side effects!”

Symptoms can be toxic side effects

For every toxin there is a toxic reaction. All toxins have side effects. As these toxins enter our body through the air, water or food, our organs must react to them to protect our tissues. This is a normal defense mechanism. The body uses energy and HealthBuilding resources to eliminate or isolate toxins. This constant process takes life and vitality out of our body and we eventually develop symptoms.

Support the Liver and Live Healthier
The liver has the primary job of clearing toxins from the body with help from the bowels, kidneys, lungs and skin. But the liver can become overwhelmed by all the toxins that get in the way of the essential metabolic processes the liver handles for us (the liver has over 2,000 important metabolic process going on at one time or another.) When the liver does not have the nutritional resources to handle a toxin, that toxin often ends up stored in the fat cells of our body.
Fat cells swell up – water is then retained to further buffer our body from these toxins and pretty soon we are overweight, have high blood pressure, and our doctors are telling us that our blood tests spell trouble. Medications taken to solve these symptoms add to the stress on the liver, add to the toxic build-up in our systems all the while failing to treat the cause of the problem.

21 Days to Living Healthier – Begin today

Symptoms of toxic build-up:
Before we discuss what you can do to help the liver improve your health take a look at this partial list of symptoms and conditions associated with toxins and liver inefficiency.
Abnormal Fat Metabolism

  • Elevated LDL cholesterol & triglycerides and reduced HDL cholesterol which can lead to high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes.

Digestive Problems

  • Indigestion, acid reflux, abdominal bloating, gall stones and gall bladder disease, constipation, irritable bowel, hemorrhoids.

Blood Sugar Problems

  • Sugar cravings, excess weight gain, inability to lose weight even while dieting, hypoglycemia and unstable blood sugar levels.

Nervous System Problems

  • Depression, mood changes such as anger and irritability, poor thinking and “foggy brain,” recurrent headaches, including migraine associated with nausea. Immune Dysfunction


  • sinus, hay fever, asthma, hives, multiple food and chemical sensitivities, skin rashes, chronic fatigue syndrom, fibromyalgia, increase in recurrent infections.

Hormonal Imbalance

  • PMS, headaches associated with hormonal changes.

Other signs of toxic build-up in the body:

  • Coated tongue, bad breath, excessive sweating, offensive body odor, dark circles under the eyes.

The Three Phase Approach to Living Healthier.

  1. Eat simple meals of properly prepared fruits, vegetables, nuts and food high in concentrated health benefits.
  2. Avoid toxic chemicals in our home and work environment.
  3. Give your body a “vacation” from the constant work it is performing to clear the toxins out of our system by following our Ultimate Detox Program.
  • Just imagine your body is a factory that is working 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It needs a break! It needs help to clear out the mess, to sweep out the factory, to clean up the “machinery.” That is what The Ultimate Detox Program does. For 21 days at a time we simplify your food intake to give your body a break. We support your body with whole food concentrates and herbs to help your body clear out toxins and improve the function of organs so they can do a better job for you the rest of the year.

Here are the some of the HealthBuilding products we may recommend in your case:


  1. SP Complete (Dairy Free) is a whole food supplement used to make a nutritious shake. The natural whole food ingredients provides essential vitamins and minerals to the body during purification supporting healthy cardiovascular, digestive, and nervous system function.
  2. SP Cleanse enlists the detoxifying properties of over 20 different whole foods and botanicals. SP Cleanse helps the body eliminate toxins that originate in the environment, as well as metabolic toxins that are given off internally. Supports the body’s internal waste-removal systems to encourage healthy kidney function, help purify the blood, support lymphatic system function, promote efficient gastrointestinal elimination, and maintain healthy liver detoxification function.
  3. SP Green Food is made from whole food complexes with their synergistic cofactors to support normal growth and development, immune system response, antioxidant protection, and detoxification activities.
  4. Enzycore is a digestive support product that contains digestive enzymes and blood sugar support necessary for the proper breakdown and absorption of proteins, carbohydrates, sugars, and fats.
  5. Amino All is a multiple amino acid nutritional supplement that completes dietary amino acid patterns supporting protein metabolism.
  6. Linum B-6 Flaxseed oil in Linum B6 converts to essential fatty acids that influence hormone production and help maintain healthy skin, nerve tissue, and blood fat levels to support the cardiovascular and immune systems.

What Did You Learn From Today’s Article?


Bacteria Can Be Good – Probiotics Build Health

Bacteria Can Be Good – Probiotics Build Health

The word biotic is from the Greek biotikos meaning: of or relating to life. We often use the word anti-biotic. Which means, “against life.” Antibiotics kill bacteria but not all bacteria should be killed. In fact, “healthy bacteria” are a health building essential to life, vitality and wellbeing.

Healthy bacteria in the soil feed nutrients through the roots of plants to help them grow and flourish, providing us with wholesome foods. Healthy bacteria in the human body protect and feed us in the same way, by helping with digestion and assimilation of essential nutrients.

That’s right! Every healthy person has within their intestines a colony of bacteria nearly as large as their liver. It is estimated that a healthy person maintains more healthy bacteria than the total number of cells making up their body! The human body has approximately 13 trillion cells, a healthy bacterial colonization of the inside and outside of the human body is estimated at 14 trillion microbes of various types. These healthy colonies do the job of keeping unhealthy bacteria in check, and more.
Healthy bacteria in your body:
√ Acidify the intestinal tract to make it uninhabitable by unhealthy bacteria, thereby supporting the
immune system.
√ Assist in the breakdown of carbohydrates and digestion of milk products.
√ Provide for better food assimilation and toxin release by the large intestine.
√ Healthy bacteria in the intestines can even create for you some vitamins you might not get otherwise!

These healthy bacteria have become known as PROBIOTICS. Published medical journals have featured PROBIOTICS over recent years. A recent MedLine search (published medical research internet site) showed 1813 probiotic citations, including 175 discussions of clinical trials. A search of the same site for dates before 1990 showed only 13 citations. All of these studies indicate the varied benefits of healthy bacteria in our environment. Interesting to note, since these healthy bacteria have been serving human beings for thousands of years, why would they only recently come to the attention of medical researchers?

Antibiotic use is likely the reason the health “industry” has recently been paying attention to the value of healthy bacteria. That’s because healthy bacteria silently served their healthful purpose until antibiotics came along. Antibiotics kill healthy bacteria, upseting Nature’s balance within us and lead to disorder and disease.
That right! When antibiotics are used, the healthy bacteria are killed right along with the unhealthy ones. We need to do something proactive to make sure the healthy bacteria can live in our environment serving Nature’s purpose. If for any reason we take antibiotics, then we need to re-establish the healthy bacteria of our body. In fact, the same urgency which the “health industry” applies to antibiotics needs to be applied to probiotics.
The health problems that the published literature shows are improved by probiotic use are the very same conditions that often follow antibiotic use. If you or anybody in your family experiences these conditions from time to time you need to consider becoming proactive with probiotics.

Take a look at this brief list of conditions:
Immune System weakness
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Vaginal Infections
Kidney Stones
Lactose Intolerance

Probiotics Foods are a Nutritional Essential
Probiotics have been shown to help these conditions, but the real truth is that anything that disrupts the normal functions of the body (like antibiotics and refined foods) could cause any of the signs and conditions linked with nutritional deficiency. See side panel on front page.

Build Your Health with Probiotics
As long as humans have been civilized, food health has been enhanced with the assistance of probiotics. Every culture of the world has some type of food that is “cultured,” such as, yogurt, kefir, buttermilk and sauerkraut. It is important to include probiotics foods as a part of your lifestyle.

If you have taken antibiotics within the last few years, or if you suffer from any of these conditions listed above, we recommend you build your health with one or all of these whole food PROBIOTIC foods and support products listed below. The truth is that every person—men, women and especially children and older family members—would benefit from one or more of these supplements:

Total Probiotics – Is a gastrointestinal support that combines digestive enzymes with normal intestinal probiotics. Lact-Enz can be used for lactose intolerant people to help them digest milk products. Babies with colic are known to respond to a small amount of Lact- Enz on the finger during feeding. Contains: various digestive enzymes, Lactobacillus acidophilus, and Bifidobacterium longum.

CATAPLEX AC – Establishes the proper acid / alkaline (pH) balance vital for nutrient absorption. Improves protein and mineral assimilation, especially calcium. This product is designed to support the digestive lining and make it more hearty.

Pro-Symbiotic – Aids in the establishment and maintenance of normal intestinal flora and proper pH, creating and maintaining a healthy intestinal environment.

Zymex II – Supports the healthy function of the gastrointestinal system by providing various digestive enzymes. This digestive enzyme product is supportive to the acid sensitive individual. This product is also very effective in correcting conditions of the bowel where unhealthy microbes have become colonized.
Ask me which ones may help you!

Patients Speak about Probiotics

“The doctors all told me I had fibromyalgia and irritable bowel syndrome. I was bloated, with stiff and painful joints and muscles—that is all I know. I started taking some food supplements to improve my intestines and the bloating and the stiffness went away. You can share this with anyone you like.” R.Z.

What Did You Learn?

Don’t be fooled by Fat Fallacies – Fats can be Good!

Don’t be fooled by Fat Fallacies – Fats can be Good!

The fact is fats are essential nutrients. That means they are essential to health. The brain and nervous system are 65% fat. The surface of every cell in our body is fat. Fats keep our skin healthy, support immune function and lower the risk of diabetes. Our hormones are made from fat, and fats are carriers for vitamins and minerals. Good fats improve and normalize cholesterol levels, support a healthy heart and are known to enhance the prevention of cancer. Healthy fats are nutritional essentials!

Yet we are told to avoid fats – that they cause disease. How did fats get such a bad reputation? Because, some fats are remarkably bad for our health. Unnatural fats are very unhealthy, leading to heart disease, cancer, immune dysfunction, pain and obesity. Our bodies have no means to deal with unnatural “bad fats,” so they get stored in our bodies and block healthy processes. That is where the trouble begins. Imagine you were to drive your car into a mechanic and he tells you that the oil in your car is rotten, it is full of pollution, it will not protect your car anymore. Would you tell him, “I don’t want any oil then, drain the oil out if it is bad for my car, I don’t want any oil in my car at all!” That is very similar to what we are doing today. We eat bad fats – get sick, the “mechanics” tell us to avoid fats! This is ridiculous!!! We need fat – it is essential to life, it is essential to health.

Out with the “bad” and in with the “good” fats. But which is which? Like other whole foods, fats and oils that come to us in a fresh, unrefined state are healthy. The proper extraction of the oils from these whole foods is an important step in the process of health. That’s because heat, oxygen and chemical solvents can change the natural goodness of the oils (fats) and even the best sources for oils can be ruined in processing. Good fats come from properly prepared olives, seeds and nuts, from pasture-fed animals, wild, cold-water fish and even from green leafy vegetables! Examples of bad fats are corn, soybean, safflower, sunflower, cottonseed and canola oils, hydrogenated and partially-hydrogenated oils, and the absolute worst of them all are trans-fats.

Why would food scientists ruin the oils with processing?

The answer is to produce cheap oil and to prolong shelf-life. Some oils are damaged as they are extracted. Hydrogenated fats and oils were once natural, but they have been processed using heat and chemicals in order to prolong their shelf-life for profits. The worst part about this processing is that it changes the structure of the fat to become a transfat. “Transfat is made when hydrogen is added to vegetable oil — a process called hydrogenation. Hydrogenation increases the shelf life and flavor stability of foods containing these fats.”

A trans-fat is an unnatural fat that our body has no way to process, so it stays in the body, blocking healthy processes for a very long time – 255 days! Trans-fats are like bad oil in your car that you cannot quickly drain out. Bad oil in your car will cause it to overheat, get low mileage and ultimately breakdown. These transfats are the saturated fats that have been associated with heart disease, cancer and immune dysfunction. These unhealthy fats are found in margarine, shortening, commercial cookies, crackers and chips—and in most packaged “foods.” You must avoid them!!

Fats: A Matter of God-Made (natural) vs. Man-made (de-natured)

Finding the best high quality fats is easy, but you have to be careful and use common sense.
Oils (fats) that are found in natural foods – GOOD
Oils (fats) that are heated, chemically processed or rancid (spoiled) – BAD
Healthy Fats are a Nutritional Essential
Things to do when it comes to fats:
1.Eliminate all hydrogenated, partially-hydrogenated and trans-fats from your foods. These are the unhealthy type of saturated fats. Read labels and avoid or discard any that you find.
2.Avoid all corn, soybean, safflower, sunflower, cottonseed and canola oils in your cooking and in prepared foods. These are heat and chemically extracted oils and have been damaged or contaminated in processing.
3.Eat foods containing healthy fats including butter, olive oil, grass-fed meats, free-range eggs and wild, cold-water fish.
4.Use healthy fats in your meals, including healthy extra virgin olive oil, organic butter, and unrefined organic coconut oil.
5.Take high quality essential oil supplements from Standard Process.
Consider consuming fish or cod liver oil supplements and high vitamin butter concentrate.

Healthy fats: What may benefit you? Ask me!

1.From Standard Process and Nordic Naturals: These oils are prepared in a non-oxygen environment – a mixture of a partial vacuum and inert gases thereby displacing the oxygen that causes oils to go bad. This highly technical process assures you receive the essential oils your body sorely needs.

2.Cataplex F Tablets, Cod Liver Oil, Evening Primrose oil, and others. These essential oils support metabolism of fats and calcium. Helps muscles, skin, hair and prostate.

3.Linum B6 This Omega- 3 oil from flax seed supports hormone production and helps maintain healthy skin and nervous, cardiovascular and immune systems. This is a Nutritional Essential.

4.Wheat Germ Oil — Used by doctors since 1939. This Omega- 6 oil, is a rich source of Vitamin E complex and Octacosanol – Good for muscles, spinal discs, skin, heart and fertility.

5.Sesame Oil — Used by doctors since 1962. This Omega-6 oil builds the health of the blood, good for anemia and immune functions. Enhances Vitamin E activity and supports proper liver functions.
6.Black Currant Seed Oil— This Omega-6 oil supports inflammatory states, immune system, fat metabolism and PMS and menopause.

7.Tuna Omega-3 Oil— This life-sustaining omega-3 essential fatty acid promotes healthy cardiovascular, nervous and immune systems health.

Organically Grown Health – Do You Have It?

Organically Grown Health – Do You Have It?

Good health is the result of many factors: one is wholesome nutrition found in organic foods. Organic food is more than foods grown without pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Organic foods are real foods, not phony, artificial, processed foods. Organic foods possess essential factors that build health. Organic food is greater than the sum of its parts. Like the “watch” metaphor used by Dr. Royal Lee, organic food is an alive, functioning, integrated whole, possessing the essential “goodness” the Creator intended for building and supporting health.
Organically Grown Health is the result of eating organic foods and whole food supplements while doing our best to remove chemicals from our environment.
Organically Grown Health depends on food that Mother
Nature intended humans to eat.
For humans, organic, healthy foods are derived from plant and animal sources, not from a synthetic chemical laboratory nor minerals directly from the soil. Plants, and ONLY plants, can take inorganic minerals from the soil, along with water and sunshine, and make them come alive with the vitamins, enzymes, and energy necessary for animal and human health. One would not find an animal in nature chewing rocks or shells for minerals because they are inorganic and not suitable food for animals. Similarly, inorganic chemicals, additives, pesticides and synthetic “vitamins” are unnatural and have negative effects upon human health and vitality.
Processed foods, food additives & medications are NOT Organic and take essential nutrients from your body.
Synthetic “foods,” that is, “foods” that are pasteurized, chemically altered or denatured in any other way, such as through the use of food additives or preservatives, are not whole and are NOT fit as human food. So-called “vitamins” created in a laboratory are incomplete, inorganic and when ingested are known to leach out essential nutrients from body stores. When these essential nutrients (vitamins, enzymes and cofactors) are processed out of food and taken out of the body over time, deficiencies can become the cause of the breakdown of the body and disease begins.
Toxins in the environment create the need for more nutrients.
When the body is burdened with synthetic toxic chemicals from the environment, it requires additional nutritional resources to relieve itself of the burden.
Summary of Organically Grown Health principles
Incomplete foods and environmental toxins lead to deficiency, disintegration and disease. Good health is restored and maintained when the nutritional essentials are provided in the form of organic foods and whole food supplements, in the amounts and duration necessary to replenish depleted body tissues.
Real, whole organic food is the source of integration, health and life and provides nutritional essentials.
Synthetic “foods” lack these essentials and are thus the source of DIS-integration, DIS-ease and death.
Need proof? Just look at the partial list of chronic conditions related to nutritional deficiencies on the side-bar of this page! How many of these do you suffer? How many do your family and friends suffer? The truth is staggering. Many millions of Americans are suffering from the lack of the nutritional essentials for health.
Let’s do something about it! Take Catalyn ©
Include in your daily foods concentrated whole food supplements that provide the organic wholeness essential for good health. Catalyn©, a whole food concentrate, was first released by Dr. Royal Lee in 1929 and is an organic vital food concentrate rich in nutrients that help to complete the elements missing in your daily food intake. Catalyn is a combination of 15 food sources, all rich in potent forms of enzymes, essential and nonessential amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, synergists, cofactors, and minerals.
Everyone Could Use Catalyn It is the organic whole food concentrate food supplement that has no peer. In our opinion, there is no substitute anywhere, provided by any company that comes close to the organically grown goodness in Catalyn. It is truly The Nutritional Essential! Check out “Patients Speak about Catalyn” in this newsletter. Catalyn has worked like this for people for 75 years now it will help people forever. Get it working for you and your family too!
Dr. Royal Lee explained the concept of organic food in one of his lectures this way, recorded in the 1950s, paraphrased here, “You cannot take apart a watch, which is a functioning mechanism, analyze its elements of brass, springs, jewels and glass then put all those same elements into a pile and expect it to tell time. It takes a ‘watchmaker’ to put it all together perfectly with the knowledge of the end purpose for those elements for a watch to be created to keep time. That ‘watchmaker’ is the Creator or Mother Nature and no chemist in a laboratory will ever make a “watch” out of a pile of elements with the same function as Nature provides.”
Catalyn helps to provide the missing nutritional essentials for your health. The ‘Watchmaker’s’ parts are in Catalyn and the body knows how to use them for your body’s benefit. We recommend you include one of these products in your families’ food intake, daily.
Begin one of these today:
Catalyn 90 or 360 Tablet Bottles
Catalyn (Chewable) 90 Tablets Bottles(The health benefits of Catalyn for Children)

Cyrofood Powder 10 oz.(Cyrofood is a powder form of Catalyn for mixing with other foods – such as smoothies and cereals.)

Patients Speak about Catalyn
“I have been a patient of Dr. Chapa for years and tried different treatments. Since I started taking Catalyn I have been feeling a lot, lot better. It has relieved the pain (and swelling) in my ankles and I have even lost 28 pounds since I started (3 months previous.) I advise more people to use Catalyn. My wife and sister have started adding it to their food and have felt a lot better too!” T.H.

What Did You Learn?

How do I find out if I have a Nutritional Deficiency?

Do You Have Signs of a Nutritional Deficiency?

Q: What is a Nutritional Deficiency?
A: A condition of the body in which the essential Health Building nutritional factors are not available (from what you eat) to establish or maintain optimal health.

Q: What conditions can be caused by Nutritional Deficiencies?
A: Virtually every condition the body can experience is connected to a nutritional deficiency.

Q: What causes Nutritional Deficiency?
A: Pollution of the air, water and food with chemicals, pesticides and other toxins drain your body of essential nutrients. Junk food, incorrectly prepared foods, and foods eaten in poor combination with other foods result in poor digestion of essential nutrients and drains your body of enzymes, co-enzymes and other Health Building factors. These are the causes of the development of nutritional deficiencies.

Q: What can I do to build my health?
A: Eat simple foods – (Unprocessed foods whenever possible.)

B: Eat Breakfast everyday no matter what. (Eggs, Chicken sausage, avocado, salads, left over, etc)

C: Enhance your digestive process by taking enzymes, co-enzymes and other Health Building catalysts daily from Standard Process* (SP) – For the rest of your life. (Catalyn, Cataplex AC, Black Current Seed Oil)

D: Drink good pure water, Dynamic Greens, herbal teas and avoid caffeine
E: Moderate amount of exercise – daily walks for example

F: Enjoy the benefits of regular natural health care check-ups.
Q: Why Standard Process Products?
A: The health building qualities of Standard Process Products have stood the test of time. Made from organically grown foods, millions of people have benefited from SP products since first introduced in 1929. This is why we offer them at our office to help you and your family.

Q: What about my family: could they have signs of Nutritional Deficiency?

A: YES – Nutritional Deficiencies do tend to run in families for various reasons: Genetics, environment (air, water, food), and similar food patterns are a few of the reasons. It is wise to check all family members early and regularly (every six months) to help insure their health is supported as best as one can with the benefits of Health Building Catalysts.

Come to the office for a Nutritional Deficiency Screening. We will perform various tests to determine what might help you to build your health!

“Patients Speak”
A Testimonial
“For twenty years I have been taking high potency vitamin products trying to feel good again. Like I was when I was a kid. That good feeling just was not there. I would wake up tired, I was stressed during the day and felt like I needed stimulants to keep me going (caffeine). Once I started taking whole food concentrates that all changed. I sleep better, wake up with energy, I have been getting more done during the day! How could something so powerful have been so easy! All I needed was to get some quality nutrients. Thanks, Doc.” J.Kelly
“Patients Speak” are actual testimonials of people who have benefited from the HealthBuilding qualities of whole food nutrition and whole food concentrates.
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Are you suffering from a Nutritional Deficiency?

From the Pen of Dr. Royal Lee (1895-1967) Inventor, Scientist, Genius, Founder of Standard Process, Inc. “One of the biggest tragedies of human civilization is the precedence of chemical therapy over nutrition. It is the substitution of artificial therapy over natural, of poisons over food, in which we are feeding people poisons trying to correct the reactions of starvation.”
Where is my vitality?
Why do I ache all over?
Why am I tired even after I have had “plenty” of sleep?
Like millions of Americans – You may be experiencing the signs of nutritional deficiency.
Food is the fuel that energizes our body for work, play and healing. It is the source of our vitality and contains all substances necessary for the regulation of all our bodily processes.
Human life has advanced for eons using nothing more than natural foods from plants and animals, along with fresh water and clear air.
But our environment has become very polluted. Most people live far removed from farms and have no gardens. Food is processed to allow for long distance transportation and a long shelf-life, not nutritional content. Synthetic compounds are used to increase crop yields, to add flavor, and to preserve food. Then we use synthetic vitamins and medications to treat deficiency diseases caused by depletion of life giving nutrients . What a viscious cycle!
What are synthetic compounds?
Synthetic – noun: something resulting from synthesis rather than occurring naturally; especially : a product (as a drug or plastic) of chemical synthesis. Merriam-Webster Online Dict.
Synthetic compounds are fake, false, artificial. They are not found in nature, they are the result of man-made alterations to nature. It seems that sooner or later most, if not all of these synthetic compounds are found to cause some type of symptom pattern or disease.
Even “miracle” drugs are found to be the cause of disease, degeneration and sometimes death, sooner or later.
People are suffering and taking medications to stop the suffering. Medications come with long lists of side effects. One of the side effects appears to be nutritional deficiency. When a person is suffering from a nutritional deficiency or the side effects of pollution of our air, water or food, wholesome food is the answer, not more synthetic compounds. Treat the cause not the symptoms.
Only 50 years ago, baby formula was considered equal to mother’s milk. Now it is laughable to think that people actually believed that a laboratory could make something equal to or better than Mother Nature. There are hundreds of nutrients, enzymes, coenzymes, vitamins and minerals in mother’s milk. Things scientists don’t even know about yet and could not “create.”
The point? Mother’s milk is an example of Nature’s perfection in the feeding of human babies. After we are weaned from our mother’s milk our nutrition quality goes downhill fast. “Junk” and “fast foods” don’t support health-only wholesome foods will.
I suggest that much of our suffering, our disease and health deterioration is due to low quality nutritional support. We need to understand this and begin to make choices which will build our health rather than tear it down. Need Good News? We have a solution!
The solution? Whole foods and whole food concentrates.
“Anything Nature made is better than everything man-made”.

At our office we pride ourselves on using top quality food based nutrition to get your body back to ideal health. We believe that no matter what you are going through all life starts and stops at the cellular level and nutrition is the fundamental backbone to a life of health and vitality or a life filled with disease and discomfort. If you have tried every thing and can’t solve your health situation we want to invite you to become a new patient at Living Well Clinical Nutrition Center. Come to the office for a Nutritional Deficiency Screening. We will perform various tests to determine what might help you to re-build your health! If you are unsure of taking that next step then utilize our site for all your health resources. Take our online quiz to measure your health picture and let us design a program that will at least allow you to take advantage of our expertise in helping other patients dealing with similar situations like the one you are going through.

“Patients Speak”
Success Story
“For twenty years I have been taking high potency vitamin products trying to feel good again. Like I was when I was a kid. That good feeling just was not there. I would wake up tired, I was stressed during the day and felt like I needed stimulants to keep me going (caffeine). Once I started taking whole food concentrates that all changed. I sleep better, wake up with energy, I have been getting more done during the day! How could something so powerful have been so easy! All I needed was to get some quality nutrients. Thanks, Doc.” J.Kelly

What Did You Learn From “Dr. Chapa’s news you need to know?”

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Protect Yourself Using Magnetic Therapy

Protect yourself and your family from the negative effects of technology

A credit card-sized magnet can energize your energy field and protect you from electromagnetic radiation. Includes one magnet.

Even though we can’t and wouldn’t want to do away with all our electric appliances, we can protect ourselves. A simple Multi‐Polar Magnet, no bigger than a credit card, can energize your cellular electrical field and protect you. This small multi‐polar magnet can be placed in a shirt pocket, inside a woman’s bra or in a wallet carried on the body. We use very specific magnets that change from north to south on the same side, four to five times per inch, and they’re under 350 gauss no matter where you measure them.

We recommend people wear this magnet all the time they are working with computers or around other strong electromagnetic environments. Our preference is to wear it all day long, every day. Why? Electromagnetic pollution is everywhere and is most likely affecting you. Usually people have more energy and feel better when they have this very specific magnet next to them.

Multi‐Polar Magnets may also be used for pain reduction by placing them over the painful area and leaving it until the pain lessens or leaves. If this doesn’t help or makes it worse, move it to the exact same location on the opposite side of the body. This effect has to do with activating the acupuncture or electrical meridians of the body. This credit‐card‐sized magnet can increase circulation and relieve chronic pain including:

• Headaches
• Carpal tunnel syndrome
• Aches and pains
• Tennis elbow
• Strained muscle problems
• Bruises
• Arthritis
• Old injuries
• Back pain or spinal problems due to the balancing of energy
Most people wear the Multi‐Polar Magnet all day. Some feel they need more energy and find that placing several under their mattress pad of their beds helps them at night. Multi‐Polar Magnets work to help protect you from the electromagnetic radiation that permeates our lives.