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If you’re taking our digestive survey, odds are you have some unwanted ailments that may be tied to the bowel, but are not the main barrier to your healing. Typically, that is exactly what we see when you score less than a ten on this survey. There are other factors in your history that we need to review to properly assess your next level of care. This test will be sent to our staff, who will contact you in order to provide you with additional ideas and support for getting to the bottom of your digestive issues. You may still be a candidate, but further evaluation may be warranted.

If you’re just wanting some ideas on where to start, we recommend our Special Drink, which is made up of one scoop of Gluta-Shield, a powerful digestive, anti-inflammatory, and gut restoration agent; one tablespoon of Dandy Blend, a wonderful lymphatic support product that will clean up your lymphatic system and push old unwanted junk out of your body; and Greens 8000 Mocha, which is twenty-one servings of fruits and vegetables packed into a powder. Not only is this a delicious drink, It’s also a pivotal place to start when dealing with any digestive trouble.

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