Phone Consults

door open to filedWe have patients from all over the country: Colorado, Florida, Arizona, California, Portland, Louisiana, North Carolina, etc. The reason we tell you that is because we want you to know that we are not limited to just in town office visits. Friends, family, and colleagues of patients living in other parts of the country are looking for the quality of service and level of results we are getting by restoring and building life without drugs and surgery. We are able to guide and direct your case just listening to your case, running key test, and using our clinical understanding of biochemistry, and experience from our patient base to guide and direct you toward a different life. A life filled with vitality and strength all the way to the end. There are times that it is not feasible to have an in-office visit so we do allow patients to schedule phone consults. This allows you to stay on track with your Just Live Well Program.

The steps to schedule such an appointment are the same as with any new patient. The same fees apply as well. New patients are charged $150 for a new patient and $45 for existing patient phone visits. The modalities in the office are not available with phone consults, such as laser therapy, and detoxification foot baths.

We mail products and resources as needed. Shipping within the U.S. is $5. Orders totaling $100 or more receive free shipping within the U.S. If you have further questions or would like to set up a phone consultation please call our office at 281-554-8600.

Many people choose to travel to Houston to receive the high quality of care available at Living Well Clinical Nutrition Center. We offer this page as a resource for our out-of-town guests and their families.

General Information for places near our Office:

healthy life signJust south of BayBrook Mall. Exit 518 and stay on 518 till the road turns into 2094. Go through Marina Bay Drive and Enterprise (near the South Shore Harbour Hotel) two streets up take left into Marina Del Sol. If you pass Marina Bay Plaza, you went to far. When you turn on Twin Oaks Blvd, the first right entrance, you come to turn and we are to your left next to Marina Bay Storage.

On your way you have time to eat off IH 45. Every restaurant you may like is here – Italian food, salad bars, steak house, sea food, fast food, etc. Exit El Dorado a few exits before 518 to find Walmart, Sam’s, kids’ stores, and more restaurants.

General Houston Information:

Houston Airports

bush international

Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH)
Direct flights from many international destinations and serves most carriers
Hobby Airport (HOU)
Airlines servicing Hobby are Southwest, American, Air Trans, Delta and Northwest.

Train and Bus Service to Houston


  • Amtrak offers train passenger service via the Orlando-New Orleans-Houston-Los Angeles routes. Amtrak Station, 902 Washington Avenue. For information, call (800) USA-RAIL (800-872-7245).
  • Greyhound Bus Lines occupies a main station downtown at 2121 Main, phone 713-759-6565.

Taxicab Service


  • More than 30 taxicab companies offer local transportation. Cab fares are regulated by the City of Houston. As of August 2002, the drop-flag rate is US$4 for the first mile, US$1.65 for each additional mile. There’s a flat-rate schedule for trips to and from the airports.
  • The largest and most popular taxicab companies are listed below. Call for pick-up as hailing a cab in Houston is unlikely outside of the airport and downtown.
  • Yellow Cab, phone 713.236.1111 (Tell them in advance if using a credit card.)
  • United Cab, phone 713.699.0000 (Tell them in advance if using a credit card.)
  • Liberty, phone 281.999.0088 (All credit cards accepted.)

More details on taxis can be found on the Official Guide to Houston website.