Modern Living Equals Death

How many people today are worried about tsumani’s, earth quakes, nuclear facilities blowing up or melting down, or other crazy natural disasters? These events we cannot control, but still affect our health on every level. However, an even worse situation for our health you will find in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, and the medications we take. You do not have to live overseas to worry about toxins that are destroying our health. This is caused by adopting the many new ideas of our 21st century food guide pyramid.As I have said, over and over, nutrition is the fundamental key to unlocking cellular vitality. It is the back bone that will catapult your health forward or allow it to spiral out of control. So what are we really talking about?

1.The FDA has warned that there are over 50 different known poisons and toxic substances just in the average American’s grocery cart.
2.Cholesterol that comes from eating bad fats and cooking by-products doesn’t get removed from your blood. It backs up and clogs the liver and gallbladder, and then builds up in arteries, organs and small blood vessels, causing heart attacks, strokes and death.
3. Approximately 60 million pounds of organophosphates (a pesticide known to cause cancer) are applied to approximately 60 million acres of U.S. agricultural crops annually.

1. In 2006, the U.S. Government made a proposal to make it easier for companies to release hazardous materials without telling the public how and where they were doing it.
2. Here is a short list of toxins in the air you are breathing right now…carbon monoxide, lead, ash, soot, ozone, hydrocarbons, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur oxides, insecticides, herbicides and dust from fertilizers and pesticides.
3. It is estimated that up to 80% of all cancers are a direct result of chemicals in our air, water, food, and medical drugs.

1.In the average ten-minute shower, the human body absorbs the same amount of chlorine as if you had consumed 20 gallons of tap water.
2. Today, nearly 50% of America’s rivers and lakes are too polluted for fishing swimming or aquatic life.
3. An estimated 50 million Americans have been poisoned by radioactive radon or radium from their tap water.

1.Many approved prescription drugs should be pulled off the market as many of them are the leading cause of acute liver failure. Hence why you have to have monthly, to quarterly blood checks in order to keep an eye on the liver.
2.Hundreds of over-the-counter pain killing and fever deducing pharmaceutical drugs are still the leading cause of acute liver failure, gastric ulcers, and degenerative joint diseases.
3.According to the journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), prescription drugs kill 100,000 Americans every year and injure another 2 million.