Meet Our Partners

Jennifer Withey

I am a nutritionist and leader in the field, taking people from where they are to where they need to be. I am dedicated to the process of learning from doctors and clinicians all over Texas and surrounding areas how to lead clients through the expansive media base on what really is healthy and what is just good marketing. I believe fundamentally that all life starts and stops at the cellular level, and that nutrition is the foundational building block that will lead you to your promise land or drop you into a disease state. No matter where you may find yourself, no matter what diagnosis you have been given, I believe that with my experiences and my commitment to finding out the cause of your health challenges, we will together pull you out of the place that leads you to be searching for answers as you are now.

Amber Sorcic

As a college undergraduate, Dr. Amber had an epiphany; health is so much more than lack of symptoms. This changed the course of her entire life and ignited her passion for serving the community as a positive healthcare practitioner. She recognized the need for preventative care and decided finding the root cause of any ailment was going to be her priority.
After spending years studying clinical nutrition and chiropractic she has the framework necessary to help you discover what being well means to you. Dr. Amber is trained in a variety of adjustive techniques that allow her to treat your whole family. She uses low force, specific adjustments to help where you need it most.
Dr. Amber is raising her family holistically right beside you. She chooses an integrative approach for her family’s healthcare employing essential oils, acupuncture, supplementation, and chiropractic. Following her first daughters hospital birth, Dr. Amber chose home-births for her second and third daughters. She has a deep desire to help mothers feel more whole as they navigate through pregnancy and those early precious years. She has postgraduate training on postpartum care, breastfeeding and enjoys furthering her education in women’s health. More than anything, Dr. Amber will be the voice cheering you on as you and your family accomplish healthcare goals and start winning at life.
When Dr. Amber is not focusing on being well, she is spending time with her husband, 3 young daughters and their dogs. She wants everyone to experience chiropractic and learn how it awakens the body’s innate intelligence to heal.