Meet Our Partners

Jennifer Withey

I am a nutritionist and leader in the field, taking people from where they are to where they need to be. I am dedicated to the process of learning from doctors and clinicians all over Texas and surrounding areas how to lead clients through the expansive media base on what really is healthy and what is just good marketing. I believe fundamentally that all life starts and stops at the cellular level, and that nutrition is the foundational building block that will lead you to your promise land or drop you into a disease state. No matter where you may find yourself, no matter what diagnosis you have been given, I believe that with my experiences and my commitment to finding out the cause of your health challenges, we will together pull you out of the place that leads you to be searching for answers as you are now.

Dawn Simpson

Dawn SimpsonOur goal is to show you what a massage can really do for your body. Massages are something that your body needs to help keep it functioning correctly. If you do not take care of your body now, it won’t function for you when you need it to. This is not your every day massage. Our office prides it self in THERAPEUTIC massage. We have several different massage therapists that offer a very wide range of different kinds of massages so that we are able to work with people in all different facets of life. We offer sports massages, liver massages, cupping, TMJ, cranial sacral therapy, lymphatic drainage detox massages, deep cellular massages, deep stretching massages, and much more. We are about your wellness. Come try out our PCM massage, which is a full-body, hands-on massage where we are looking at all different areas of muscle function, bone structure, tight fascia, lymph congestion, and liver function, which we use to assess and map out a plan that best gets you on the right track to feeling well again.