Kiss and Make-Up

I was listening to rascal radio the other day, my friend Chris Brady was speaking about this topic kiss and make up. I was excited to listen as I love learning more and more about leadership development, personal resolve, and how to have better relationships in and out of the home. And as I was listening to the program I realized that Chris was not speaking of kissing and making up because you just got to fight but literally the rock band KISS and their makeup. Funny, right? I thought it was funny because I went into the material with one perspective and was quickly taught something I was not expecting to learn. Here are some of the nuggets that I extrapolated from the material as I was going through them. It is applicable to anything that you are doing whether in business, small group, when running your home. So here it is.

  1. Just Live Well offers some keys to leadership development, personal resolve, and better relationshipsHumility and a willingness to serve was Gene Simmons’ key ingredient
  2. Get an identity and focus with every bit of intention you can too become all that you see yourself to be.
  3. Work hard on your identity and define it intentionally every day.
  4. Get yourself into a market of one and be the only one in your industry doing what you’re doing. “Stand Out from the Crowd” Or “Just Stand For Something BOLD”
  5. Have a great product and figure out a way you can sell it. That is a literal product, or just selling the idea of reading more to your children and helping them understand that great leaders are always great readers.
  6. Know your target market and build a following to attract them, hold them, and serve them greatly.
  7. Have the guts to swing for the fences
  8. Eliminate all distractions from your life as there will always be people who want your time, money, energy. And when you sacrifice a great thing for a good thing you will always be disappointed.
  9. Choose excellence no matter how much it costs.
  10. Deliver what you yourself would like to have as a consumer to your market.
  11. Be willing to appear foolish and get into conversations in order to make a big difference
  12. Be determined as determination is the key ingredient two pushing through the barriers that will inevitably come.
  13. Practice and perfect your craft.
  14. Be 100% about doing what it is you do.
  15. Be more creative in the service to others. (This is your impressionable brand)
  16. Stick to your guns even when you know you are right; especially when you know you are right.
  17. Be humble even when you make it.
  18. There’s nothing wrong with becoming an original character.