Is Your Water Safe Part II

If you look at a list showing all the unwanted chemicals in our water, you would be amazed at its length: tens of thousands of environmental bad guys. the frustrating news is that one of the scariest chemicals is deliberately dumped into our drinking water, and most, though not all, of our water districts are brainwashed enough to allow it. (This applies to the United States only. Nowhere else is this travesty permitted.) More frustrating still is the fact that the issue is so emotionally charged in favor of this chemical, and by people who really do want the best for our health, both our own and our children.The Number two bad guy is fluoride. That wonderful stuff that is saving our children from cavities. Let’s not waste time here: sodium fluoride is rat poison. Head over to a hardware store and check it out. Most of them still carry it for just that purpose.I’ve heard all the arguments from well-meaning, concerned parents who only want the best for their kids. Of course the dose is less than that necessary to kill rats, but our bodies have trouble with the stuff just like rats, and small amounts add up, slowly (or maybe not so slowly) over years. Understand this fact: fluoride is the second most toxic chemical in nature-the only one ranked higher is arsenic (williams &Wilkins 1984).

As a heated topic, this one really sizzles. I hoping to lead you to known, published information to which you may not have had access. This is a dangerous chemical we’re playing with. It was once used therapeutically to depress thyroid activity (Yiamouyiannis 1993). Even if you think we should have small amounts, do you really trust every local utility technician to put only the “right” amount of this poison in your water? (Let’s not discuss the fact that you weren’t asked whether you wanted the stuff in the first place.)

Fluoride is a waste product of aluminum mining. Research concluding that adding fluoride (in amounts higher than your might think) prevented cavities was funded by the aluminum producers. Why not be paid four your waste to be removed for you? (Ah, we have another of those cute tricks.) Fluoride is toxic!!!! It is neurotoxic, meaning, in this case, it hits the central nervous system and causes behavioral changes before you get physical findings, like mottling of the teeth-a common side effect. (Mottling is discolored splotches on the front teeth of kids who have gotten too much fluoride; even seen this? Dental fluorosis is a disease state stemming from over-ingestion of this chemical and can start with simple blotches on the teeth and end with loss of affected teeth, in more severe cases.

In 1990, the New England Journal of Medicine (March 22 issue) carried a report from the mayo clinic stating that a trial of fluoride for osteoporosis caused increased hip fractures, and bone fragility. Fluoride exposure has been implicated in genetic damage, tumors, and hypersensitivity reactions. Neat stuff, and they put that junk into your water. In a report reprinted in the health Freedom News, July, 1995, George Glasser reported that, “both the Pasteur Institute, France and the Nobel Institute , Sweden, concur that fluoride has little or n value as a dental cavity deterrent, and stress that the possible health risks from using fluoride outweigh and benefit. for those with enough of an open mind to look, the definitive answers are already published, thoroughly and unequivocally. Those answers are available from Dr. John Yiamouyiannis, a PH.D. in biochemistry. Look him up in the booklet, Lifesaver’s Guide to Fluoridation, and his full-length book, Fluoride: The Aging Factor, are the way to go.