Is Your Water Safe Part I

Autopsies on American soldiers killed in action (during the Vietnam War) showed incredible high build-ups of arteriosclerotic plaques throughout their vascular systems compared to men that in the same age bracket had died in auto accidents in the U.S. The difference was striking enough to generate a study to try and figure out why the country’s finest specimens had so much arterial damage.

The search came down to one major difference: The soldiers had to use large quantities of “water-purification tablets” before they could drink any of the water in Vietnam. These tablets were chlorine. Chlorine is not an innocuous substance. It is a powerful bleaching agent, and it kills living things. It is highly reactive against living tissue, which is why it works so well to destroy microorganisms in both our water and our bathroom tiles. It does not react any less strongly against human tissue, and when ingested, it is carried into the bloodstream, where it can attack the walls of arteries. That is obviously not good.

The body, on the other hand, in its pre-programmed wisdom, tries to insulate itself from these damaged areas. It does so, apparently, by laying down a tiny layer of cholesterol as a protective coating against these scarred areas.  You can see where we’re headed right? If the scarring continues, the repair efforts continue, until total scarring leads to total “repairing,” with arteries then congested with masses of cholesterol, it isn’t the cholesterol itself that causes the problem; it’s the body’s need to use it excessively as a result of abnormal chemical stress.

If chlorine can kill single-cell organism (like germs, fungi, etc.), it can also kill multi-cell organisms (you’re one of those). It may take awhile, but the effect is there. Avoid it!!!!!!!! Sitting in a major conference for the American cancer association the keynote speaker who was the head of the ACA stated in a break out session that tap water and sugar are the fastest compounds to accelerate cancer growth. WOW!

Although bromine is less well known, it is in the same chemical class as chlorine. and as far as biological health is concerned, it should not be trusted as an acceptable substitute for water you would want to drink.

Some of the serious pure water advocates respect so strongly what chlorine can do that they advise against even showering or bathing in water treated with it, as the skin, particularly the scalp, is very absorptive. In fact, studies exist directly implying that washing hair in chlorinated water absorbs more of the chemical into the body than is normally ingested through drinking all day!

If that were not enough, imagine compounding the situation by deliberately doing something toxic, something that never had to be done in the first place, and that was not even involved with the purification of water. This runs us into another major issue. That which we will discuss tomorrow.