How do I find out if I have a Nutritional Deficiency?

Do You Have Signs of a Nutritional Deficiency?

Q: What is a Nutritional Deficiency?
A: A condition of the body in which the essential Health Building nutritional factors are not available (from what you eat) to establish or maintain optimal health.

Q: What conditions can be caused by Nutritional Deficiencies?
A: Virtually every condition the body can experience is connected to a nutritional deficiency.

Q: What causes Nutritional Deficiency?
A: Pollution of the air, water and food with chemicals, pesticides and other toxins drain your body of essential nutrients. Junk food, incorrectly prepared foods, and foods eaten in poor combination with other foods result in poor digestion of essential nutrients and drains your body of enzymes, co-enzymes and other Health Building factors. These are the causes of the development of nutritional deficiencies.

Q: What can I do to build my health?
A: Eat simple foods – (Unprocessed foods whenever possible.)

B: Eat Breakfast everyday no matter what. (Eggs, Chicken sausage, avocado, salads, left over, etc)

C: Enhance your digestive process by taking enzymes, co-enzymes and other Health Building catalysts daily from Standard Process* (SP) – For the rest of your life. (Catalyn, Cataplex AC, Black Current Seed Oil)

D: Drink good pure water, Dynamic Greens, herbal teas and avoid caffeine
E: Moderate amount of exercise – daily walks for example

F: Enjoy the benefits of regular natural health care check-ups.
Q: Why Standard Process Products?
A: The health building qualities of Standard Process Products have stood the test of time. Made from organically grown foods, millions of people have benefited from SP products since first introduced in 1929. This is why we offer them at our office to help you and your family.

Q: What about my family: could they have signs of Nutritional Deficiency?

A: YES – Nutritional Deficiencies do tend to run in families for various reasons: Genetics, environment (air, water, food), and similar food patterns are a few of the reasons. It is wise to check all family members early and regularly (every six months) to help insure their health is supported as best as one can with the benefits of Health Building Catalysts.

Come to the office for a Nutritional Deficiency Screening. We will perform various tests to determine what might help you to build your health!

“Patients Speak”
A Testimonial
“For twenty years I have been taking high potency vitamin products trying to feel good again. Like I was when I was a kid. That good feeling just was not there. I would wake up tired, I was stressed during the day and felt like I needed stimulants to keep me going (caffeine). Once I started taking whole food concentrates that all changed. I sleep better, wake up with energy, I have been getting more done during the day! How could something so powerful have been so easy! All I needed was to get some quality nutrients. Thanks, Doc.” J.Kelly
“Patients Speak” are actual testimonials of people who have benefited from the HealthBuilding qualities of whole food nutrition and whole food concentrates.
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