“Help Dr. Chapa…I’m sick!”

Overcoming Healing Crisis
On our first visit we cover so much material and it can be difficult to remember all we cover so we wanted to remind you of one important possibility. It is not uncommon for an individual to start on a program and get sick within the first few weeks. Depending on the health of a person, how fast we get started and how dedicated to the process you really are your body will begin cleaning up old trash (infection, metals, chemicals, infestations) and can bite off a job more than it can handle. It is like stirring up a bees nest. Not a good idea. But in the event that it does happen you need to know that we don’t recommend you jumping out of the process and getting onto medications. Your body is cleaning house. If the cleaning process gets overloaded you are potentially going to get sick. That means you may get a head cold, fever, cough, lung congestion, or experience a full fledged flu. Not fun. But can be a sign of your body getting healthier as it is clearing out old trash.
If you experience any of these signs or symptoms you need to call and come in for a visit so we can determine your need. It may be you need extra drainage support, or you need immune support, or maybe we need to adjust the intensity of your program. For you guys that are on zinc, or calcium it is more common to experience these symptoms as these minerals are strong immune system up-regulators. They will turn on your system and can lead to this healing crisis.