What to do to prevent the FLU:

The key is to stay healthy – here are some reminders:

  • Get plenty of sleep- for every hour you sleep before 12am you will double your sleep quality and enhance healing potentials in your body
  • Drink plenty of reverse osmosis or distilled water and avoid tap water
  • Limit sweets like candies, cakes, cookies, and ice creams
  • Eat good fats, like olive oil, coconut oils, butter
  • Have homemade chicken stock (using apple cider vinegar)
  • Take a good multi vitamin like CATALYN (Standard Process) and Immuplex from Standard Process
  • Wash your hands before you eat and after bathroom breaks
  • Get plenty of sunshine for vitamin D repletion
  • Supplement with cod-liver oil
  • Open a window in your home once a week for an hour to clean out the old stagnant air in your home and clean air filters