What if a cold or flu gets a hold on you?

In the event you do come down with an illness you should:

  1. Stop eating sugar, heavy proteins, stimulants like coffee, soda, etc
  2. Start drinking only fresh water, and or herbal tea
  3. Take a large dose of Congaplex, to support a healthy immune system
  4. Consume a minimum of 3 cloves of Raw Garlic!!!! Anti-everything
  5. Take a Medi-Body Bath with a big glass of Echinacea tea
  6. Get in bed, spray Eucalyptus all around you and into a rag and inhale for a sinus clearing
  7. Watch funny shows, read up-lifting material, sing happy songs, and surround yourself with positive people
  8. Make sure you are having a Bowel Movement everyday
  9. Sip on a bone broth for nutrition