Tips for Care of your sweet little ones when illness strikes

  1. First and foremost, a child with a fever must stay in bed or in a comfortable, relaxed place.
  2. To encourage the elimination through the kidneys, he should take warm liquids as often as possible.
  3. The child should be kept warm as the fever needs to do its job and be allowed to “burn out” the illness.
  4. The bowels should be kept open if need be with a gentle laxative or herbs that encourage bowel movements.
  5. A sick child can listen to stories read out loud, but otherwise the only other appropriate activity is rest. The less mental stimulation in the form of computer games, movies, etc., the better.
  6. Illness is a serious and energy-consuming task; there is no room for anything else in their lives, only rest and recovery.
  7. Stay calm and allow your confidence in the process to move to your children as fear grips a child when you are fearful, and worry enters a child when you are worried. They feed on your emotions.
  8. If parents followed just this simple advice:
  • nothing to bring down the fever, (except immune support),
  • just warmth,
  • calm resolve,
  • careful observation,
  • lots of fluids,
  • keeping the bowels open,
  • and rest,

We would have far fewer problems with chronic disease than we have now. Ask Dr. Chapa as I have many many remedies and ideas to help move through these processes.