Sugar will suppress your immune system 6 hours

100 Gms of sugar will suppress your immune system 6 hours. That may not sound like much but that is an soda and cookie snack. Many people fail to realize that they are consuming large quantities of sugar every year. In fact it is estimated that the average consumption of sugar intake is 165 lb. per year per person. Wow! Now that is a lot to any standard idea of sugar intake. You see this number intrigued me. I began researching and found the most interesting thing about the number of pounds consumed. This number comes from only the sugar converted from polysaccharides. Examples of these polysaccharides are bread, rice, cereal, pasta, potato, and corn. Well this was interesting indeed, b/c I know that there is the obvious sugar out there in the form of cookies, candies, cakes, ice cream, and soda. What amount of influence did that have on the number of pounds consumed per person per year. The number jumps from 165 lb. per person per year to 300-400 lb. of sugar per person per year. Now is it any wonder that the overall health of this country, the health of our loved ones, the health of our friendly sphere of influence is in a downward spiral away from vitality and and quality.