Frusturated with wacked out hormonal mood swings?

What is the key building block to all hormone balance? Cholesterol!!!! Now with the continual fear that comes around cholesterol levels most males and females are suffering from the hormone rollercoaster. If you have lived 20 years you have read, seen, or heard over 20 thousand hours of pharmaceutical adds. These adds have convinced you that smoking was healthy. That flu shots are safe. That Cholesterol levels are your parents fault. We have seen a continual lowering of cholesterol levels over the past 65 years. There was a time that a total cholesterol of 280 was acceptable, however the number was lowered to 230, and now 200 and there is talk of it needing to be lowered down to 180. Let me be one to explain basic physiology; without cholesterol you can’t make adequate hormones and without adequate hormones you can’t formulate bone cells, therefore contributing to more bone metabolism based diseases like osteoporosis, arthritis, fractures, etc. Without balanced cholesterol your thyroid suffers, your brain suffers, your hot-flashes suffer, your anxiety suffers and the list is long.