"Holidaze"…Or "Holla-Drop-Off-The-Weight!"

I am 36 years old and am starting my 36th, 21-Day Ultimate Detox experience! Why you ask? Well, if detoxing isn’t a part of your 21st century health care plan then you are missing a huge, vital piece to your health in these days of “get-healthy quick” programs, especially right after the holidays or shall we say, holi-daze. Sugar from 1 cookie and a regular 12 oz soda can paralyze your immune system for 8 hours. The grains consumed in pies, dressing, rice and starches can clog up your digestive system up to 37% which congest the liver, therein which, sabotages your thyroid. It is a viscous cycle! Join us for an experience in cleansing, restoring, and purging out the trash from 2015.

You have a team of people at Living Well Clinical Nutrition Center who are eager to work along side you in 2016 toward better health, better thinking, and better results. What could be better than a doctor-supervised program to eliminate the daze and bring clarity in all areas of health? Let’s make your body great again!!