Cloned Beef Has Already Entered U.S. Food Supply

Cloned Beef Has Already Entered U.S. Food Supply, Even Before FDA Nod Tuesday, July 29, 2008 by: David Gutierrez, staff writer Does this technology exist? Absolutely it does and the FDA has rejected calls to require the labeling of such foods so you will one never know about it and two because the USDA is concerned that other countries will not buy our beef if it is cloned. Gee I wonder why other countries haven’t been hood winked to believe that no side-effects will come from this decision to make cows (dead cow DNA), grow cows (hormone therapy and lots of medications ie chemicals), with not enough sunlight and exercise to be a big mistake. So it is my opinion that nothing good is to come of it. It will be one more thing we are going to have to detox from the body. One more thing that is going to weaken the body.