Children's eating habits are set in stone by 9 years old…..Part 2

Getting your child to eat can be one of the most frustrating feats a parent will accomplish. Many times our kids have gone to bed hungry b/c they choose not to eat their wonderful, delicious dinner my wife has so graciously prepared for them. Guess what? That is ok. A child will not starve themselves unless they have brain damage to some degree. I have found that in most 97% of the population that children have no brain impairment that will allow them to starve themselves. It is just not in them to do so. You need to know it can take as many as 17 exposures to the palate to develop a taste for a new food. So if little Johnny has tried broccoli 10 times and still doesn’t like it; no problem you just have to get him to try it seven more times and he will acquire a taste for the new food.