Causes of Psoriasis

  1. Liver Congestion- if the liver is overly burdened with trash, toxin, and old waste then chances are the skin will be used as a secondary exit channel for waste removal.
  2. Omega 3 imbalance- Processed foods increase omega 6 fats and as a society we are overloaded. Omega 3 fats support healthy, clear skin
  3. Vitamin A and D Imbalance-These are essential skin vitamins. Taking synthetic varieties will never help. Let us get you on the right path of essential products
  4. Wheat and Gluten intolerance- Due to the Sad American Diet we have abused our bodies ability to absorb and process foods that were okay at one time. Now with GMO, preservatives, bad oils, we are unable to process these types of food in the diet.
  5. Chlorine- not just limited to this chemical found everywhere from drinking water, artificial sugars, shower water, swimming pools we have seen on several occasions just removing this chemical out of the water supply improvements are seen.