Are your medicines good for you? part 2

Why are cholesterol drugs being used, advertised, and prescribed to over 18 million people every year with a sales pitch that drugs will decrease your risk for heart attacks and heart disease? I have met medical doctors who believe that statin drugs should be in the water supply. Yikes! That is definitely a mis-informed professional. So one thing these drugs are proven to do in my research is to destroy livers. Since this drug came out, liver transplants have gone up over 30%. People say it is just business, a means of conning people not actually getting people healthy but to make money. If this is true how does one sleep at night? I teach my patients how to get healthy, how to stay healthy without drugs, without surgery. The body will heal, and if you have blood numbers that are out of range we can teach you how to get them back in a healthy functional range. There is no magic, just the right approach, in the right order of events, for the right period of time. This equals results you can never attain with medicine.