Not All Bacteria is Bad!

Bacteria Can Be Good

The word biotic is from the greek biotikos, meaning “of or relating to life”. We often use the word antibiotic, which means “against life”. Antibiotics kill bacteria, but not all bacteria should be killed. In fact, healthy bacteria are a health-building essential to life, vitality, and wellbeing. Healthy bacteria in the soil feed nutrients through the roots of plants to help them grow and flourish, providing us with wholesome foods. Healthy bacteria in the human body protect and feed us in the same way, by helping with digestion and assimilation of essential nutrients.

Probiotics Build Health

Healthy bacteria in the intestines help with digestion and assimilation of essential nutrients.That’s right! Every healthy person has within their intestines a colony of bacteria nearly as large as their liver. It is estimated that a healthy person maintains more healthy bacteria than the total number of cells making up their body! The human body has approximately 13 trillion cells, and a healthy bacterial colonization of the inside and outside of the human body is estimated at 14 trillion microbes of various types. These healthy bacteria colonies do the job of keeping unhealthy bacteria in check, and more.

Healthy bacteria in your body:

  • Acidify the intestinal tract to make it uninhabitable by unhealthy bacteria, thereby supporting the immune system.
  • Assist in the breakdown of carbohydrates and digestion of milk products.
  • Provide for better food assimilation and toxin release by the large intestine.
  • Can even create for you some vitamins you might not get otherwise!