Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune Disease – PMGs to the Rescue!


As these chronic serious conditions are on the rise, are we looking for solutions in all the wrong places?
Today’s scientists might look back to a genius of the 20th century, Dr. Royal Lee, for simple answers to a complicated subject. What is autoimmune disease, can it be stopped, and more importantly, can it be prevented?
What is Autoimmune Disease?
Autoimmune disease is best described as an allergy to oneself. The body actually becomes allergic to its own tissue. When human tissue enters the blood stream, the immune system believes that the tissue is a “foreign protein” and creates an antibody to destroy and eliminate it. (Read Immune system and Allergies for more details.)
This tissue enters one’s blood stream from some traumatic event. The “trauma” not only includes injuries such as slips and falls, but also trauma caused by overwork, infection, injurious chemicals in our environment and foods, heart attacks, ulcers, smoking, trauma to your mouth and other organ and glandular systems.
When your body attacks its own tissue, you are the “victim.” As your immune system is directed to protect you from this “foreign protein,” your own body is broken down. The result of this autoimmune reaction can be any number of conditions depending on which tissue is being attacked.
Autoimmune reactions can be the cause of many common conditions. (See sidebar for a partial list of possible conditions.) Low energy, impaired health and lack of vitality may be the result of your immune system spending its energy protecting YOU from YOU when it fact it does need to.

Let’s summarize and consider the process:

  1. Your own injured tissue, due to some type of trauma, infection, or stress from overwork, enters your blood stream.
  2. Your immune system believes this is “foreign protein” and creates an immune reaction to protect you.
  3. Your own tissue is broken down from the attack.
  4. The function of that tissue to your whole body is then impaired.
  5. Your health suffers resulting fatigue, pain and disability.

Autoimmune disease examples:
• When firefighters, smokers or anyone in a polluted environment breathes smoke or chemicals, lung tissue may be damaged and enter the blood stream – the result is reduced health of the lungs and lung diseases can begin – chronic bronchitis, emphysema and chronic allergies.
• Injured people whose muscles and ligament tissue enters the blood stream – the result can be conditions such as fibromyalgia, muscle pains and joint problems.
Any gland or organ which suffers injury, overwork or infection may release damaged tissue into the blood stream which will similarly cause the development of an autoimmune reaction to that tissue. Diseases relating to that organ or gland can set in.

Protomorphogen TM – A Health Care Breakthrough
What if:
We could interrupt this autoimmune reaction between the damaged tissue entering the blood stream and the antibody reaction to it? We could provide the body with something that helped to turn off the autoimmune attack all the while helping it to heal the injured tissue?

Those are the questions Dr. Royal Lee answered early in the 20th century. That’s right! In the 1940s Dr. Lee developed a unique method of deriving extracts from specific organs and glands for clinical use in this healing process.

To the end of his life, Dr. Lee fought the battle to bring to the health care profession the awareness that properly prepared whole food concentrates could be the answer to neutralizing this autoimmune response. He used the term ProtomorphogenTM (PMG) to describe this immune modulating factor.

Protomorphogen TM (PMG)
ProtomorphogenTM preparations neutralize the autoimmune response!

Listen to Dr. Royal Lee tell the stories of a few actual patients in his experience;
“One interesting patient had found that his heart (disease) was relieved as long as he ate a pound or so of beef or lamb heart per day. He was much gratified to get far better results with one or two small tablets of the protomorphogen heart extract and to be able to drop his special diet (of heart.)”
“Most cases of chronic bronchitis are due to failure of the lung to repair itself at the normal rate.”
“In another case, we find a patient who has had a skull fracture at one time in his life, say 25 years ago may still have antibodies to brain and may still have a slower than normal mentality; (we found) that the brain protomorphogen extract restored their mental processes to normal.”
One of our first experiences with these (PMG) extracts was with bone – raw veal bone – extract. We found that patients with a history of pyorrhea (gum disease) had apparently developed antibodies, which inhibited the recovery and repair of the supporting tissues of the teeth. You can actually see in x-ray pictures regeneration of the bone.”

  • Cardiotrophin PMG TM – Developed in 1952 this PMG helps to maintain healthy heart and muscle tissue.
  • Pneumotrophin PMG TM – Developed in 1952 this PMG helps to maintain healthy lung tissue.
  • Hepatrophin PMG TM – Developed in 1952 this PMG helps to maintain healthy liver tissue.
  • Paraplex – Developed in 1965 this PMG TM combination product includes support for pancreas, adrenal, pituitary and thyroid. Paraplex is known to support blood sugar problems.
  • Symplex F or Symplex M – Developed in 1965 this PMGTM combination product includes support for gonadal (sex glands), adrenal, pituitary and thyroid. The Symplex combination PMGs are known as essential support for endocrine related health concerns for Females and Males respectively.

The great news about taking PMG TM daily is that you get support for autoimmune issues if you need them but if you do not have an autoimmune condition they are assimilated into your body as protein. PMGs are a win–win product for your health and health maintenance.

† These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. They are to support your health.