About Us

Discover optimal health no matter what the issue

stethascope appleWe started our practice with the intent to find the underlying cause of every diagnosable disease in the US. We found that if you love the idea of having control over your health through good choices, you will begin to love the idea of making good choices. Have you ever watched TV and heard a drug ad and said to yourself, “that drug might be good for me?” If that thought has entered your mind or been vocalized over your lips, you are experiencing some symptom pattern you were not genetically born with.

We want to propose this question. Were you born a healthy baby? Did you have symptoms like fatigue, headaches, fibromyalgia, insomnia, mood swings? Most people would say they were healthy babies and they developed these symptoms later in life. If that is the case then what do you think happened? Why were you a relatively symptom-free, healthy baby that developed chronic symptoms patterns as you have aged? Something changed. It must have, otherwise you would not be searching for answers to chronic symptom patterns you currently are dealing with. There is an underlying cause.

About Dr. Chapa

Dr. Chapa and familyDr. Aaron Chapa is a Doctor of Chiropractic who practices predominantly Clinical Nutrition. After graduating with honors from Texas Chiropractic College, he traveled all over the nation learning with the top doctors in the country the leading applied kinesiology techniques and utilizing the most advanced methods of drug-free healthcare. He has studied under Dr. Evan Mladdenoff, the head team physician for the Kansas City Chiefs, Drs. George and Jeannette Birnbach, pioneers in Clinical Nutrition and Advanced Clinical Therapy, Dr. John Bandy, Lance Armstrong’s Kinesiologist, Dr. George Gonzalez, leader in Low-Level Light Therapy, and Dr. Stuart White, one of the leading clinical nutritionists.

Dr. Chapa is an Applied Clinical Nutritionist (ACN), an Applied Kinesiologist, is proficient in Neuro-Emotional Technique, has studied Injury Recall Technique, Quantum Neurology and has over 150 hours of Clinical Nutrition training. He holds a PFIT certification in personal training, and is always studying to do his best for God, the giver of life, his family (the best gift ever received), and his patients to deliver the results they seek in the field of alternative medicine.

Trust is everything

We are firm believers that if you don’t trust your doctor, you will not get results. We tell every patient that if you and the doctor don’t link arms together on your case and forge ahead as a team, you won’t make it. We pride ourselves on working with you and your experiences on your case. We believe that without this foundational understanding, we could not be as successful as we are. We acknowledge that working on your individual case is a sacred journey toward a highly functional and more vibrant and appreciative experience through life.

What our practices believes

  • Those that follow our recommendations as closely as possible will support and maximize their chance to get well.
  • Those that stick with a program long enough to maximize the changes we have made will support your body’s ability to stay well.