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    Energy zapped? Feel good again.

    At Living Well, our goal is to guide you on your journey to good health. Find out how we can help you get your vibrance back today. Let's go

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    How do you eat well? We can teach you.

    We’re here to show you how to make good food choices for optimal health, strength, and longevity. Let's go

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    Healthy mom, healthy baby.

    We offer a prenatal program to help you and your baby get the best nutrition possible during and after pregnancy. Let's go

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    Super powerful pediatric programs.

    Our children are our future, and we owe it to them to give them all the tools to be powerful in life, starting with good health. Let's go

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Welcome to Living Well.

As an emerging leader in the field of nutrition, I am committed to taking people from where they are to where they really want to be. I am dedicated to the process of learning from doctors and clinicians from all over the country on how to lead clients through the expansive media base on what really is healthy versus what is just good marketing. I believe that getting older does not mean you have to feel old.

Fundamentally, all life starts and stops at the cellular level, and nutrition is the foundational building block that will lead you to your promised land of health and wellness or drop you into a diseased state. No matter where you may find yourself, no matter what diagnosis you have been given, I believe that my experiences and my commitment to finding out the cause of your health challenges will allow us to together pull you out of the confusion that has you searching for answers today.

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How to Eat Clean: Part One

Designed Clinical Nutrition

There’s only one you. That’s why we design unique clinical nutrition programs based on your specific needs, which can include nutritional restructuring, supervised detox programs, mineral and vitamin replenishment, blood sugar stabilization, sleep recovery plans, stress management, hormonal control, and pain and inflammatory control methods. We pride ourselves on being puzzle solvers and doing everything we can to support and strengthen the body back to ideal health.

What our clients are saying...

  • Everything everyone else says and we love him!

    - Amyl Crume
  • After his adjustment, my son said he was so happy. He said that his back "finally feels better." He said, "Dr. Chapa is the best doctor we've been to mom." Dr. Chapa looks at the whole picture: mind, body, and, spirit. He talked to my son about a specific scripture that we read that night and receive an amazing blessing.

    - Amy Robinson
  • A true Blessing! For a little over a year i had been feeling completely exhausted. There were days where my body hurt soo much and i gelt so bloated id cry! It was time for a change no more diets... just something that was genuinely good for my body.....Dr. Chapa has under a month gotten me feeling great! More energy, great sleep, and no more pain! And the staff is great everyone is like family. I say again a Blessing!!

    - Sonia Fragoso
  • He was very patient with my hundred plus questions and very knowledgeable. He answered my questions but make sure I understood which is saying a lot if you're used to going to Conventional doctors that barely explain anything to you and rush you out!! I regret not going sooner!!! I cannot wait to see how our little girl reactions to all minerals and diet change!!

    - Misty Cooper Manigold
  • He is the only doctor that actually answers emails and really wants to help any way he can.

    - Athena Jaramillo
  • The entire staff is wonderful!

    - Debbie Starrett
  • I am 59 yrs old and was sick all the time and completely exhausted all the time. I also have Sjogren's Syndrome, which is an autoimmune disease. I heard Dr Chapa speak about health and nutrition and decided to go see him. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. He changed my diet to include lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and chicken. He gave me nutritional supplements to help with my symptoms. Within one week I started feeling better. In a month I felt great. My stomach didn't hurt anymore, I had a lot more energy to do the things I want to do. I have gotten off one of my medications for inflammation and feel much better and I hope to get off the other in the next 6 month. He is definitely worth checking out.

    - Barbara Gravitt